$210.00 Value

For Aromatherapy students and Aromatherapists the LabAroma package gives you a modern efficient formulation blending solution while removing the complexity of math and chemistry.

Lab Aroma Provides You With An Advanced Learning Experience!

Gain acces to an informative Aromatherapy toolbox! Containing over 200 GC/MS tested essential oils, over 50 C0S oils and 120 carrier oils and base ingredients all for you to blend with.

  • Over 500 Analysed Essential Oils & Ingredients, along with component search, and comparing ingredient calculator.

  • Botanical and therapeutic Information of essential oils. Essential oil chemistry insights, therapeutic analysis and metric conversions.

  • The ability to calculate the cost of essential oils and blends.

  • The subscription also includes tutorial videos and online chatroom support.

The Aromatherapy Professional Certification Course

Take a look at our 2021 Syllabus

Take a look at our 2021 Syllabus